S&W Seed Company

I have designed various marketing materials for S&W Seed Company for many years. In this instance they needed to advertise their primary product, premium alfalfa seed. They wanted to call attention to their recent success at University trials and target sales in the states. So I wrote the headline and body copy to speak to the growers, who are constantly striving for better profits. Then I found just about the most delicious image of alfalfa I’ve ever seen. Which speaks to the cows, who have serious influence over the growers. That left the S&W marketing team, who genuinely want to help the growers achieve success. With thoughtful placement I was able to include the friendly sales manager and a multitude of contact info. So I guess I’ve satisfied the growers, the cows, and the stakeholders all in a half page ad. Even the magazine editor emailed me about how nice this ad turned out. Not bad!    


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