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Holaday Seed Company

Website Identity

Holaday Seed Company wanted an eCommerse website to test out online sales. I was brought in to define the project, design theme templates, and concept the home page. During research I discovered they had no brand, no tagline, and no online identity of any kind. I suggested that we tell their story first and create the online sales as part of the overall website. I interviewed the client, concepted 3 designs with slider content, organized and collaborated with the creative team, and produced the final home page artwork. To satisfy their original intention for the website and to create a smooth user experience, the online shopping section was made accessible from three locations; top menu, bottom menu, and sidebar. The result gave them an impressive online identity, positioned them in the industry as a lead contender, and gave them a great start for online sales.

Designer: Julie Moore
Copywriter: Tracy Hopper
Photographer: Ed Young
Developer: James Kafantaris

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