Extollo Marketing Materials

Extollo International

Brand Identity Design and Management

Extollo International was a start-up spurred on by disaster. They needed to take action quickly and evolve their marketing as they solidified their mission. I designed a logo and a website with a look and feel that could grow into an identity system. The design and content strategically positioned the humanitarian non-profit as professional, organized, and committed to their cause. The result — they were taken seriously, gained trusted partnerships, secured financial support, and successfully established their niche. Five years later their mission and message are concrete, we are fine tuning their identity system, and revamping the website for the next leg of the journey.

Collateral examples include: Newsletter, Data Sheet, Flyers, Banquet Invitation and Program, Poster, and 5th Anniversary Direct Mail Piece.

Designer: Julie Moore
Creative Director: Julie Moore

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